Soil Agricultural Top Soil, Original Black Soil, Black Palm Soil, Sand

Grass Carpet Grass, Cow Grass, Mutiara Grass, Japanese Carpet Grass

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Soil Life have been our one stop centre for all our soil, sand and grass supplies. Soil Life owned by Soillife Tech Agriculture Services and founded by Mr.Elaiarajah @ Rajah Arumugam in 2007.

With 13 year of experience, Soil Life has revolutionised the retail garden, trade, civil and utility industries with our strong core values and customer service experience.

Since the beginning, Soil Life has always been the choice destination for everything outdoor spaces. Ranging from trade and commercial to DIY, our customers have always come to us with a dream outdoor space in mind to find inspiration as well as end-to-end solutions.

Our team are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and the prices are competitive. Our core values guide us in how we conduct ourselves—personally and professionally. In this ever-changing world of agriculture, our core values are constant. They underlie our work, how we interact with each other and which strategies we employ to fulfil our mission.